04 Nov

How many times have you said to yourself, “I don’t know if I’m good enough to do that”? Especially when we are thinking about doing something out of our comfort zone, it seems that fear becomes our reason for not trying the new skill or new project.

SELF-CONFIDENCE  is an elusive thing.

One minute you have it, the next minute you don’t. Kids, especially, need reassurance when starting a new sport or a new class in acting or just starting school each year. We try to build up our kids’ self-esteem to help them face the world. That’s why I decided to write TIMMY TEACUP TRANSFORMS – to help kids feel better about themselves.  And, in the process, I was hoping the adults who read the book to them would feel better about themselves, too.

To be honest, it took me years to believe that my story about Timmy could actually be a book.  Just like many people, I lack self-confidence about lots of things. Even as a child I can remember being afraid to do certain things that other kids did easily. But, somehow we muddle through and make it to adulthood and try to pass on what we have learned. I think it’s even harder for kids today. It seems that so much more is expected of them!

My inspiration for writing Timmy’s story came from witnessing my 9 year old grandson’s struggles as he went from pre-school to 2nd grade. He needed a lot of reassurance regarding many school issues even though he is extremely smart/gifted.  I just wanted to tell him a story that would show him how much we love him, just the way he is.

My grandson doesn’t like the same things the other kids like a lot of the time. At recess he didn’t want to play kickball, which all the boys played. He said, “Every time there’s a ball around, I end up accidentally getting hit by it!”

So, after he tried many times, we needed to let him know that it’s okay to do something else. Play on the swings or slides if that’s what you prefer. And, don’t feel bad that you don’t like kickball! Hey, I never liked kickball either! Anyway, after lots of things like that issue, I decided to write the book letting him know that he is loved just the way he is.  I hope it helps other kids (and parents), too.

We need the self-confidence to adopt the motto: “BE YOURSELF”!

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