09 Dec

Who do you think would be the best critic for a children’s book? I found out in lots of different ways in the last few months since my book was published. The answer is the kids themselves! The little darlings have had many things to say about my book and I am thrilled and honored to get their wonderful feedback! I really don’t like to “toot my own horn”, but I would like to share some of their responses and reactions with you.

My cousin had her 4 year old granddaughter visiting over the Thanksgiving holidays. She wasn’t going to be in town for Christmas, so my cousin gave her the Christmas presents early that she had bought. Amongst them were about 8 books, including Timmy Teacup Transforms. My cousin was planning to read a few each night to her during her stay. Imagine her surprise when the only one she wanted to read EVERY NIGHT  was Timmy Teacup Transforms! She called me on the phone to tell me about this. Of course I was thrilled! When my cousin asked her why she liked that book the best, she said she liked it when “Timmy changes!” Those are some of my favorite parts, too, when “POOF!!” he changes into the hot chocolate mug in the beginning and “POOF!!” back into a teacup at the end.

Another incident happened the other day when my daughter went to work.  She teaches the afterschool program for LEGOS at lots of elementary schools in our area. She has read the book to her classes and gotten great unsolicited responses, such as “I LOVE that book!” from a 10 year old boy in one class (much older than the 4-7 year old age group it is geared towards). But, on this particular day when she got to work, a little boy ran up to her and said, “When are you going to have your Mom’s book at the Barnes and Noble in Fenton? My mom and I go there all the time!” My daughter told him it’s in the Chesterfield store and should be coming to the other stores soon! So sweet.

I am so happy the kids are responding the way they are. They are liking the book and getting excited about it! And, if it helps them with their self-esteem in the process, then all the better!

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