28 Mar

I know this is going to sound simplistic, but I believe I have a little tip that will help your child learn to read. When my daughter was a young child she lost most of her hearing. She wears two hearing aids and has done wonderfully throughout her life by going to college and becoming a teacher. She had to have people take notes for her in class, but she pushed through and got her degree. A few times she wanted to give up, but I asked her if she wanted to work at McDonald’s for the rest of her life and she said, “NO!” So, that’s how she got motivated to keep going.

One of the things that was a new “gizmo” 35 years ago when she was little was “closed captioning”. It was hard to find at the time. All TV’s didn’t have it, but I made sure we always had one for her. She learned a lot from Sesame Street and other shows that she could “read”. I never really thought much about it until my grandson came along 9 years ago.

The “closed captioning” has always been “ON” in his household for his Mom. But, lo and behold, he ended up teaching himself to read by the time he was 2-1/2 to 3 yrs old! I just thought he was really smart – which he is – but it was more than that. I truly believe the “closed captioning” helped him to learn to read! I have also read a few stories to him every night since he’s been born. That probably helped, too.

But, just in case I’m right about the CC, be sure to set it to ON. You’ll get used to it and not notice it after awhile. The only time it is sort of a pain is when sports scores are covered up. You might want to turn it OFF then!

Anyway, just a little tip I wanted to share to help the kiddos that are having some reading difficulties. Hope it helps!


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