28 Jan


The time is always right to show your love to your child. There are lots of ways to show that love. Praising them, hugging them, telling them with words every day, and reading stories about love to them. In my Timmy Teacup Transforms story, Timmy’s family lets him know at the end how much they love him – just the way he is! He doesn’t have to change anything for them to love him.

That’s what “unconditional love” is. Loving someone no matter what. You love them even when they don’t live up to their potential. You love them even though they don’t do everything you have asked them to do. You love them even when they are acting “unlovable”. They are KIDS after all! They will learn more and more what to do and how to act as they mature into loving adults. And, they WILL be loving adults because you have taught them the most important thing of all – how to love. Because, when you think about it, love really IS all we need.

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