05 May

It’s been awhile since I have written in this blog. Had a couple of injuries – hurt my knee a bunch & got a shot at the dentist that hit a nerve causing ALOT of pain on one side of my face. Both injuries have taken a whole year to feel better. Consequently, I didn’t feel like writing in my blog. But, now I’m back and just wanted to say I am so excited that my first book, TIMMY TEACUP TRANSFORMS, has won a PINNACLE Award for BEST CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK for 2018! It’s been a few years since the book was published, so I wanted to encourage other authors to not give up on their books. This was an unexpected, but welcome, surprise! So, if you believe in your book, don’t give up! Success might be just around the corner. Now my book will be at four NABE exhibits in the HOT BOOKS section. Awesome!

My next book, TIMMY TEACUP’S TERRIFIC & TERRIBLE TALE : A Story About School & Bullying, will be coming out soon. Be sure to look for it at timmyteacup.com or amazon.com. Thanks!!


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