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After your child receives his or her report card it’s time for their teacher to get a report card, too! Type or write the following simple questions for your child to answer. Send the form to your local school board. Be sure everything is anonymous. In order for “bad”/”bullying” teachers to be weeded out of the system, parents and students need to take ACTION! Our children deserve teachers that treat them with respect, not contempt. Childrens’ self-esteem can be SO damaged by a teacher that is essentially a “bully”. If a teacher gets enough bad reviews, they need to be FIRED!


Teacher’s Name:

School & Grade:

1.) Do you like your teacher? Yes or No

2.) Is your teacher nice? Yes or No

3.) Does your teacher yell at the class? Yes or No

4.) Would you like to have a different teacher? Yes or No

5.) Has your teacher ever made you or a friend of yours cry? Yes or No

The PTA needs to follow up with the school board to make sure the Teacher Report Cards are addressed in a timely manner. Parents need to take an active part in the process to protect their children.

Let’s start a Grass Roots Movement to save our kids and their psyches from MEAN teachers! If you read my book TIMMY TEACUP’S TERRIFIC AND TERRIBLE TALE: A STORY ABOUT SCHOOL AND BULLYING, you will read about what happened to one young boy who experienced one of these teachers who shouldn’t be a teacher. I wasn’t going to publish this story because it’s controversial, but my 94 yr old Mom who taught for 50 years said, “Publish it! When I would go into the Teacher’s Lounge for lunch I could tell within 5 MINUTES which teachers loved the kids and which ones were just there for the paycheck!”



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