16 Jan

Kids have such open minds when it comes to new concepts that make sense to them. You just have to reach them on their level.  Lots of times the concept can be taught through a story character that they can relate to. Something fun or exciting can grasp their attention and stick with them longer than just words alone.  They remember the story. It might not seem that they have remembered the concept, but if you bring up the story again, they usually can recall the message (with a little prompting) that they learned from the story (if there was a message, of course!).

In TIMMY TEACUP TRANSFORMS, kids learn that they can and should love themselves the way they are and not try to be someone different. This feeling of being special in their own way should be nurtured from a very early age. Don’t wait until the world makes them feel bad about themselves for some reason. Start teaching them from the beginning about that issue in a way they can understand.

Tell them a story about snowflakes. Be sure they know it is true and a fact that each and every snowflake is different and special in its own unique way. Tell them to think of themselves like they are a snowflake, too. Unique and special in their own way. Kids like this analogy a lot. I think we as adults like it, too! If they are having a hard time fitting in at school in some way or not doing something as well as the next person, tell them to REMEMBER THE SNOWFLAKES. They will find their own special things they are good at as time goes on. Talking about what they ARE good at helps so much, too. Even if it is just how well they listen to a story! A good listener is VERY special.


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